Configure your ssh client

In your home directory you can find a directory called .ssh, in this directory you can find all the needed config for your commandline client. If you have ever made a connection to an ssh server, you will find a file known_hosts. This file keeps record of all the servers to which you have connected in the past, if something changes on the server e.g. the ip-address the ssh client will warn you about this change.

If the directory .ssh doesn't exist, it can be created by:

mkdir ~/.ssh
chmod 700 ~/.ssh

Create config file

The config file of your ssh client enables you to configure your preferences on the client side.

cd ~/.ssh
touch config

Change the defaults of the following snippet and insert it in the previously created config file.

Host gitserver
        User git
        Port 2222
        IdentityFile ~/.ssh/

Create key

You can increase the security of your key by entering a passphrase. It is considered less secure not providing a passphrase.

ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C "your name and/or id and/or some comment" -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa.gitserver

SSH client is ready

The ssh client is now ready, you can now continue with the gitserver manual.